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[08 Feb 2010|04:39pm]
[ mood | lethargic ]

I enjoy going back in time via LiveJournal.

I'm waiting for Weezy to come to LagSun and save me from this boredom. I'm very happy she has remained in my life throughout these years. Every chapter of our lives are connected and she will be apart of my newest chapter when I become Mrs. Lindauer come this Oct. 31.

<3 <3

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[19 Oct 2009|02:28pm]
[ mood | drained ]

Um what the hell...? I like how I've decided I want to be independent now. Fuck my life. Better late than never.

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[13 Jun 2009|12:08pm]
[ mood | grateful ]

I have a terrific boyfriend.
My best friend is back in my life.
There are beautiful flowers in my front yard.
Bills are paid.
Life is wonderful!

I didn't think I could ever feel this good.

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[05 Jun 2009|03:11pm]
[ mood | creative ]

Adam's wedding is tomorrow. So excited. Good times sure to be had.
Metric show on Monday w/Hanna.
Ladytron and the Faint were awesome. I miss dancing at shows :)
Wish I could make it to the Peaches/Electrocute show tomorrow.
Maybe I'll see Electrocute at the Smell instead. Alone.

I finally feel strong and like I dont have to rely on others to make me happy.
Or need them to validate me or approve.
Being in a healthy relationship has a lot to do with it.
We have our own lives and have full trust in eachother.
I dont feel like I have to spend every second watching him.

I've been in a creative mood lately. Lots of sewing and stenciling.
Discovered a TKO record store next to my house.
Started the task of switching every album I own to vinyl.
They love me there because of it.

Oh and I found out my ex has cast his infamous charm spell on another poor girl.
Best of luck girlie. You'll need it but you're his "rock'n'roll" type so maybe not.

*if anyone wants their hair cut or colored let me know.
we can work out a trade or something.

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[02 Jun 2009|11:05am]
[ mood | high ]

Andy took me to Nordstroms to buy me a dress for Shepard's wedding and he quickly discovered my distaste for fancy dresses. Yuck!!

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[31 May 2009|12:34pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

Even XS American Apparel shirts are too big on me now. Muahaha ;)

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hell fuckin' yeah [06 Dec 2008|07:28pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

I finish school in 9 days! I dont know about how anyone else feels about this but it is quite the accomplishment for me. and Im proud. I finally followed through and completed something significant in my life.
wooo! go me! :)

the feeling is sureal.

I'll finally be able to make a living and a life for myself doing what i really love.

how many people can say that at 21?

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[17 Nov 2008|03:55pm]
[ mood | distressed ]

God, give me the strength to stay broken up with him. Give me the strength to ignore his calls and messages. Give me the strangth to live up to my potential on my own. Thanks.

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[03 Nov 2008|08:57am]
[ mood | relaxed ]

Let me just start off by saying rain is so much better when it's not in Oakland! Sterling and I both agree its cleaner and we thank the lord we're not living in our hell cave in Oakland anymore. He left to go back up to Berkeley last night :( I'm glad we're both working so hard on finishing school even though we're now doing it 500 miles apart. I'm a month away and he's done in May! I decided to take the job in San Diego at the Paul Mitchell Focus salon. My ultimate plan is to work there until I get transferred to the Downtown location and then after a couple years start teaching at the Paul Mitchell School down there as a color specialist. I'm getting a lot of positive notice by my teachers lately with my work on the floor which is the extra boost I need in these last few weeks. Most people start slacking hardcore their last month but I'm busting my balls to make an impression and take full advantage of the education while I still have it!!

Anyways, anyone go to Ape Con up north this weekend? Wonder Con is next. I'm flying up for that I think.

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Can we all take a moment to laugh? [27 Oct 2008|12:45pm]
[ mood | optimistic ]

Fuckin' ninja cat! :)

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I live for Halloween [26 Oct 2008|05:22pm]
[ mood | thirsty ]

Halloween is less than a week away! Hell yes. I convinced Sterling to come down from Berkeley on Halloween and he's staying until Sunday!! We're doing nothing but watching Vincent Price movies and getting tattooed the next day. We have to make up for last Halloween where we went to some lame ass party in Oakland and I fell down some dark stairs hurting my knee. Hahaha oh god. <3 <3

I got my graduation date (Dec 3rd) and now I'm looking for apartments and salons. I originally thought I'd be going up to LA but it looks like a have a pretty good chance at working in a Paul Mitchell Focus salon in San Diego. I would start off in the Pacific Beach location and work up to being transfered to the downtown location!!! PB is full of rich people who want highlights and expensive cuts and Downtown is fast paced and diverse. They start you off with the yuppies then send you on your merry way to the downtown location. I just want to graduate and start making money at what I love doing.

Work and school have started catching up to me and I'm hardly seeing 8pm every night. Sleep is a precious luxury these days. I fucked up my left foot somehow. It hurts to point my toes which is a problem seeing that I spend an average of 9 hours in heels everyday. Hope this passes quickly.

Life is pretty good. I cant really complain.

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[30 Jul 2008|04:40pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Comic Con fucking ruled so hard. Got tons of awesome shit, met Jaime Hernandez who signed a book for me, got a mini Batty keychain, ate amazing food, and was in great company.

I got a new tattoo of Robert Williams' work. Its a red heart with crossbones and a sperm looking tail. Its actually really fuckin cool and Eric did it for me which makes it all that much more meaningful. Sterling is getting a matching one in the same spot but he just has an outline so far. My forearm is swollen and hurting but well worth it in my opinion.

I'm leaving in 20 minutes for the British Virgin Islands, stopping in NY and Costa Rica briefly for layovers. I shall return august 6th. My 21st birthday is on the 5th while I'm there so I've planned a camping trip in the Ortegas the weekend I get back. Be there suckers.

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[29 Mar 2008|06:58pm]
[ mood | numb ]

the beer i had for breakfast was a bottle of mad dog
and my 20/20 vision was fifty percent off
you said punch-buggy red and punched me right in my left eye
i said don't you mean pediddle? and i lit his house on fire
he came home on acid i was holding his shotgun
i was dressed like tina turner in beyond thunder dome
he said don't shoot, i said i won't i love you you're my friend
i handed him my wig and shot myself in the head
then i stuffed a box of tissues in the hole in my skull
i got in my mazda and i drove to the mall
i got a big johnson shirt and some silicone tits
when i pulled out the tissues they were covered with shit
and the beer i had for breakfast was a box of cheap white wine
and the boom box on my shoulder was a box of clementines
i ate every single one without noticing the mold
you said you're gross my darling, i said no i'm rock and roll
even though i'd never ever been in a band
i got cool as black ice tattooed on my hand
and the christians gave me comic books as if i would be scared
of burning in hell well i was already there
and the beer i had for breakfast silver bullet in the brain
and the beer i had for lunch was a bottle of night train
and the beer i had for dinner was my crazy neighbor's pills
we had to sit down on skateboards jut to make it down the hill
then i peed my pants and you stole the groom's cigar
and some old man made me watch him masturbate locked in his car
when i got back to the apartment you were face down on the floor
you said don't go to bed yet let's go get a 64
and the beer i had had for breakfast was a pint of jim beam
and a fifth of peach schnapps and some warm sunny d
and you said bottoms up just as i bottomed out
i tried to scream fuck you but blood was pouring out my mouth
evan dando never planned on telling you the truth
and your leonardo i.d. card is your fountain of youth
you can be a teenager for your whole fucking life
just find some pretty sucker and make that bitch your wife
i guess by now you all know my friends danny broke his neck
he was driving home from sirens when he got into a wreck
first i cried for him and then i cried for me
haunted by the ghost of the girl i used to be
but the rocks with holes are warm in my hands
and i buried my toes in the hot hot sand
and the silver pink pony kisses me and says
you've come a long, long way and you deserve to be really happy

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whaaaa? [27 Nov 2007|08:52am]
[ mood | anxious ]

Since when did being bisexual become a trend?
I hate Myspace and those stupid 'orientation' options.

I have to drive my mom to L.A. in 15 minutes and wait around for her CATscan. Driving my mom's car with her in it and no music gives me anxiety big time. Ahhhh...

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[29 Oct 2007|09:24pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]

I go back to Oakland tomorrow. I had a nice visit home and I'm not leaving empty handed:

Say hello to my new coat!

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[11 Sep 2007|08:20pm]
[ mood | tired ]

I move to Oakland this Saturday to live with Sterling and Travis. Tomorrow is my last day of Caltrans, thank the fucking lord. I'm trying so hard to keep it together for just one more day. I'm so tired of waking up at 3a.m. every morning just to drive to the Laguna Niguel courthouse parking lot, put my name on the god damn list, then squeeze myself into the back of my car with my pillow and pray for sleep to come while I wait to be picked up by the van at 7a.m. I always put shit off until the last minute. If I hadnt, I would already be up in my new place. Oh well, no use complaining now, I'm so close to finishing I can almost taste it. While I'm on the subject of putting things off, I havnt even started packing yet. I hate packing, I love unpacking.

I hope all goes well up there. I'm a little nervous about the area we are living in and that Im also going up without a job lined up but I'm usually pretty good with finding work. Sterling says our room is pretty big which will be nice. Travis lives in the living room, how fitting huh? We have no blinds or shower head in the place which I will be fixing right away. I refuse to let the place go to shit. No smoking in the house especially and no drunken strangers. Ive had enough shit stolen in my old places to know.

anyways, I wont have internet so this is probably the last entry for a while. I'll be back for the holidays of course.

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Long time a coming [25 Aug 2007|07:24pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

Past couple of weeks have been mayhem. All is well now. Sterling left this afternoon for Oakland where we now have an apartment with our friend Travis. I was sad that I couldnt move up at the same time as him but I have two full weeks of CalTrans to finish. Two weeks and I'll be up there though so its alright I guess. I have been doing CalTrans Monday-Friday, 5 a.m.-2 p.m.ish and let me just make this known: If I see any of you throwing your garbage out your window on the 5 freeway, you will be getting a swift knock to the head from yours truley. On a better note though, I went and saw Blonde Redhead last week with Haley in Pomona. Getting there and back was half the adventure because every few miles we were getting lost but hey, we're just living up to the fact that females suck at direction. Other than that nothing out of the ordinary has happened, just the usual drinking seshes at Edge of the World or Steph and Tania's house. And now I am a self-declared Twilight Zone addict. Sterling and I watch his box set of the old black and white episodes religiously. I also just finished reading Mother Night by Kurt Vonnegut this morning (simply amazing & addictive). I love having a boyfriend who is a literature major because I just indulge in his book collection and never have to buy anything. He left me with a few comics in trade form that Ive been eyeing for quite some time now. He said it will help pass the time in CalTrans until I move up there. So I will be starting Lovecraft and In the Shadow of Edgar Allan Poe right after I'm finished with Hellblazer and the Alias series that I've already started. I tried reading the remake issues of Tank Girl but I think I'm just too loyal to the old issues to not be biased. Oh well, I tried right? I also went blonde. Its super platinum blonde which surprisingly has been well recieved by peers. Now Im just waiting for Comrade Haley-son to come pick me up so we can go acquire some booze and head over to Steph and Tania's shindig. Gotta make the most out of my CalTrans freedom although oddly enough I miss seeing the usual faces outside of the Laguna Niguel courthouse at 4:30 a.m. and crawling into the back of Frank's minivan to catch some quick Z's only to wake up to a hot cup of Starbucks coffee that Greg gets for me.

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Alas, it is still May [10 May 2007|06:48pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

As much as Im looking forward to Monday when Sterling comes home for the summer, Im REALLY looking forward to July when all this bullshit with the courts is over. Yeah, I will still be on probabtion for another 3 years but all my CalTrans junk and fines will no longer be looming over my head. I just want to move on and put this in my past.

I really wish this summer was another repeat of last summer. Oh well. Whats a girl to do?

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RSM is fucking me up the nose [08 May 2007|09:22am]
[ mood | awake ]

Its so dry and windy out here that I keep getting bloody noses when I wake up. It might just be me but I dont think dried blood stuck to my septum piercing is very attractive. It doesnt exactly scream "HEY IM CUTE AND CLEAN!"

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Survey thinger [06 May 2007|12:59pm]
[ mood | bored ]

lj-cut this shiiiiitCollapse )

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