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Long time a coming

Past couple of weeks have been mayhem. All is well now. Sterling left this afternoon for Oakland where we now have an apartment with our friend Travis. I was sad that I couldnt move up at the same time as him but I have two full weeks of CalTrans to finish. Two weeks and I'll be up there though so its alright I guess. I have been doing CalTrans Monday-Friday, 5 a.m.-2 p.m.ish and let me just make this known: If I see any of you throwing your garbage out your window on the 5 freeway, you will be getting a swift knock to the head from yours truley. On a better note though, I went and saw Blonde Redhead last week with Haley in Pomona. Getting there and back was half the adventure because every few miles we were getting lost but hey, we're just living up to the fact that females suck at direction. Other than that nothing out of the ordinary has happened, just the usual drinking seshes at Edge of the World or Steph and Tania's house. And now I am a self-declared Twilight Zone addict. Sterling and I watch his box set of the old black and white episodes religiously. I also just finished reading Mother Night by Kurt Vonnegut this morning (simply amazing & addictive). I love having a boyfriend who is a literature major because I just indulge in his book collection and never have to buy anything. He left me with a few comics in trade form that Ive been eyeing for quite some time now. He said it will help pass the time in CalTrans until I move up there. So I will be starting Lovecraft and In the Shadow of Edgar Allan Poe right after I'm finished with Hellblazer and the Alias series that I've already started. I tried reading the remake issues of Tank Girl but I think I'm just too loyal to the old issues to not be biased. Oh well, I tried right? I also went blonde. Its super platinum blonde which surprisingly has been well recieved by peers. Now Im just waiting for Comrade Haley-son to come pick me up so we can go acquire some booze and head over to Steph and Tania's shindig. Gotta make the most out of my CalTrans freedom although oddly enough I miss seeing the usual faces outside of the Laguna Niguel courthouse at 4:30 a.m. and crawling into the back of Frank's minivan to catch some quick Z's only to wake up to a hot cup of Starbucks coffee that Greg gets for me.
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