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I live for Halloween

Halloween is less than a week away! Hell yes. I convinced Sterling to come down from Berkeley on Halloween and he's staying until Sunday!! We're doing nothing but watching Vincent Price movies and getting tattooed the next day. We have to make up for last Halloween where we went to some lame ass party in Oakland and I fell down some dark stairs hurting my knee. Hahaha oh god. <3 <3

I got my graduation date (Dec 3rd) and now I'm looking for apartments and salons. I originally thought I'd be going up to LA but it looks like a have a pretty good chance at working in a Paul Mitchell Focus salon in San Diego. I would start off in the Pacific Beach location and work up to being transfered to the downtown location!!! PB is full of rich people who want highlights and expensive cuts and Downtown is fast paced and diverse. They start you off with the yuppies then send you on your merry way to the downtown location. I just want to graduate and start making money at what I love doing.

Work and school have started catching up to me and I'm hardly seeing 8pm every night. Sleep is a precious luxury these days. I fucked up my left foot somehow. It hurts to point my toes which is a problem seeing that I spend an average of 9 hours in heels everyday. Hope this passes quickly.

Life is pretty good. I cant really complain.
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